About Me

Hello, my name is David Recinos, a bilingual (English and Spanish) Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) specializing  in working with adolescents (7-19 years old).  I especially enjoy working with families because  I've noticed that I'm able to obtain the best results when we work collaboratively, as a team. I come from a creative family and used to work in the animation industry (Disney, Warner Brothers).  I use my artistic talents when utilizing art therapy, thinking outside the box, and using alternative interventions.

I've been involved in mental health for over 10 years.  I'm a  Master's level graduate  in Social Work (MSW) from the California State University of Northridge. I maintain a private practice in Oxnard, California but am currently working exclusively remotely via Simplepractice, Doxy, Zoom or by phone.

I use various models and interventions, which means I like to adapt according to the needs of each client and each session is custom made.  Although I have diverse training and education which includes: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Managing and Adapting Practice (MAP), Structural Family Therapy (SFT), and Seeking Safety (SS).  I believe that not every model or theory is effective with every person.  I,  personally like to practice the same interventions that I teach my clients and use coping skills such as: physical exercise, meditation, mindfulness, self-awareness and personal responsibility.  

I chose to be in the mental health field because I understand how difficult it can be and especially going through the phase  of adolescence  to adulthood and want to pass on my knowledge, training and experience for future generations.

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David Recinos, LCSW


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